My name is Kim

Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest is a choice

Namaste, a warm welcome and thank you for visiting this place, sharing your time and energy. My yoga journey started in 2015 when I was a student in The Netherlands. I was going through a rough period of my life, and I started with yoga to see if it could help me. I pictured yoga people as balanced and relaxed, and that was exactly what I wanted to become. The first type of yoga that I came across, was hot yoga. This style is very intense, and soon I left it for what it was. But something triggered me, and called me back on the mat. My body felt better, more awake, and I felt a new sparkle from inside. So I kept coming back to yoga, and started my yoga journey.


Along my path, I tried out lots of different yoga styles, and I found out what styles I like the most. (Spoiler alert: Ashtanga & Vinyasa!) Yoga gave me the support and tools in life that I was looking for, physically and mentally. Every time that I practiced yoga, I felt more grounded and balanced with nature and life itself. Because yoga has been so good to me, I decided to continue my yoga path and to share it with the ones around me. That is why I would love to share it with you too. All the benefits it gives me, I hope you can experience it too!


Since we live in a busy world, we need to have a little bit more of me-time. Don’t be shy, your life is first of all about you! Shut down the computer, put away your phone and start moving your body. Our mental workload can be so high, that we need to dedicate time to recharge again. Next to your brain, you still have a whole body to take care of. It is so important to care of yourself, before you can take care of anybody else. Spending time on your wellbeing should be a natural part of your life. Health and wellbeing became important focus areas of my life, that I enjoy spending time on. Through this shared place and my lessons, I would love to share my humble knowledge and vision with you.


Health comes in many forms like food, sports, friends, connections, actually all the things that matter to you will influence your health. I invite you to give yourself the love, kindness, and attention that you deserve. That you often give to others, while forgetting yourself. I hope that you will be inspired by my stories & photo’s, my ups & downs, my great achievements & small happenings. We are all different, but in many aspects still the same. Discover your true colours! Your uniqueness is key, explore your own journey on and off the mat and give it all you have. I hope that our journeys will cross someday.


Wishing you love, happiness, and a rich abundant life.


xx Kim