My name is Kim

And this is what it's all about

This place is especially for you if you want to know more about yoga and the yogi lifestyle. By exploring a variety of styles, I found out what I love to do. Ashtanga yoga and bikram yoga are the styles that make me smile the most. With meditation you can bring the energy and focus back inwards. This balance works best for me. We need to take time for ourselves to be able to grow. Yoga is the sport that allows you to work on yourself in so many ways. Challenge yourself, go slow, take time, learn, practice and try again.




Since we live in a busy world, we need to have a little bit more of me-time. Allow yourself to take care of your body and soul. If you’re curious about yoga, food and a healthy lifestyle, then you’re in the right place. This creative space is for everybody to enjoy. Get inspired and try things out. Make the changes you want in your life and be the best version of yourself.

I wish you all the best,