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Wear clothes that fit comfortably, you need to move a lot in them. No requirements for special yoga clothes, just wear something flexible. Remember, yoga is not about the appearance, but if these clothes make you feel good, go for it!

For yoga in a heated room, it’s recommended to wear a short pants + sports top (yogini’s) / or no top at all (yogi’s). During the practice, please take your shoes and socks off. Traditionally, yoga is practiced barefoot. Embrace your feet, they are amazing parts of your body. Show them some love and a bit of sunlight.

Practice yoga on an empty stomach, so the meal will not get in your way when you twist and bend. The energy we create during the practice is ‘prana’, which is different energy than ‘apana’ that is generated by eating. Also, drink before or after the practice to cleanse your body and hydrate. Try not to drink during the practice, because it will lower down your body temperature.

A lot of yogi’s and yogini’s are vegetarian, or vegan, or something in between. One of the ethical principles of yoga philosophy (ahimsa) is that you don’t hurt other beings (non-violence). However, adapting your food choices is never a requirement to start practicing yoga. On this website, you can find primarily information about veganism, because it happens to be that I’m vegan too! I was already vegetarian long before I started practicing yoga and I turned vegan because of my own believes.

A common misconception that I often encounter is that you have to be flexible to start doing yoga. It’s the same comparison to: ‘I can’t start learning to play guitar, because I can’t play guitar.’ Silly isn’t it!? Everybody has to start somewhere, so do not compare yourself to others. Everybody has their own journey, their own challenges, and their own physical and mental boundaries.

Strength and flexibility will come later during your practice, but be aware that results are different for each one of us. Remember, it’s the practice itself that counts and the connection that you feel with yourself and the universe. Showing up at your mat is more important than being flexible. Also good to know: the cool poses you might encounter on the internet take normally years to achieve. But you already knew that the internet doesn’t display our daily life, right!?

Choose a yoga style that you like. And always tell your yoga teacher if you have (chronic) pains or injuries. Asanas will be adjusted for you. Just breath, you can do this!

By practicing yoga, you will feel physically and mentally stronger. Movement cleanses your body and can removes blockages, what makes your energy flow again. For me, my yoga practice is like moving meditation. Some days are better than others of course, but I always feel more positive and energetic afterwards.

The benefits are endless, and here are a couple you can experience: Rest, peace, positive energy, excitement, and confidence. But you can also release your emotions during or after the practice (like crying or feeling sad). No worries, this is all very normal. Part of practicing yoga is learning how to accept yourself. One of the things I find super interesting is the connection between the mind and body. There’s still so much to learn about this! Because of the introspection, yoga can also support you when you’re going through a rough period in your life. Yoga can be supportive by stress release and trauma healing.

The holistic approach of working on your body, mind, and soul are complementary to each other. Your whole being is more than a body, is more than the mind. It’s the connection that is within everything! For long time, this scientific field was underdeveloped, but I have the idea that more people discover the importance of this body/mind-connection. In fact, you have four bodies to take care of (physical, emotional, mental, energetic). Yoga pays attention to all of these.

The website www.yogacolours.nl belongs to Kim Francis. This creative space shows information about yoga, food and a healthy lifestyle. It displays my interests and the activities that I’m drawn to.

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Yoga & PT Fitness

It is possible to have a private and personalised fitness session, adapted to your wishes.

Please contact me by instagram or e-mail to explore the possibilities.

It is possible to have a private and personalised yoga session, adapted to your wishes.

Please contact me by instagram or e-mail to explore the possibilities.

Yoga Colours Consultancy

When completing your official yoga training at a Registered Yoga School (RYS), one can register at Yoga Alliance and become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). The registration requires you to update this annually, and keep your knowledge up to date. Therefore you can follow new courses and broaden/deepen your knowledge and experiences. Courses can be followed worldwide and are selected based on the student’s interests.

My yoga journey started around 2015 when I was a bachelor student. I enrolled for my first yoga lesson ever. The more the years evolved, the more yoga became part of my lifestyle. Lover of hatha, ashtanga, and vinyasa. Next to that, I practice bikram, iyengar, yin, nidra, and meditation. Besides yoga and biology, I spend my time learning about ayurveda, trauma healing, and food sciences. Health and wellbeing is a great part of my lifestyle.

Currently registered at Yoga Alliance.

July 2021 / 200h Vinyasa Ashtanga – RYS Yoga Union – Ourania Bouzouki & Spyros Kapitsinos – Palairos Greece

April 2022 / Ashtanga Course – Tula Studio Amsterdam – David Robson & Jelena Vesić – Amsterdam The Netherlands

August 2022 / 300h Hatha Vinyasa Ashtanga – RYS House of Om – Wissam Barakeh & Peewee Sanchez – Bali Indonesia

I have a deep respect for nature in all it’s forms. Biology was therefore the minor that I studied. By understanding that when you teach something, the other person could have a lifelong benefit from that, was an eye opener. As a teacher you can have so much influence on other people’s lives. This sparked my interest to do a major in education. But the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. So I keep educating myself in yoga, health & wellbeing, or another discipline. For sure during my whole life, because I love learning and teaching. I will always remain a student.

Bachelor of Education; Biology Teacher – 2015 / Fontys Hogeschool Tilburg, The Netherlands

Master of Education; Educational Sciences – 2021 / University Utrecht, The Netherlands

Yoga Colours Consultancy is actively registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: KvK 75733102

Proud owner of Yoga Colours Consultancy (YCC) and www.yogacolours.nl  ♥