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Wear clothes that fit comfortably, you need to move a lot in them. No requirements for special yoga clothes, just wear something flexible. Only for yoga in a heated room, it’s recommended to wear a short pants + sports top (yogini’s) / no top at all (yogi’s). During the practice, please take your shoes and socks off. Traditionally, yoga is practiced barefoot.

Practice yoga on an empty stomach, so the meal will not get in your way when you twist and bend. The energy we create during the practice is ‘prana’, which is different energy than ‘apana’ that is generated by eating. Also, drink before or after the practice to cleanse your body and hydrate. Try not to drink during class, because it will lower your body temperature.

A lot of yogi’s and yogini’s are vegetarian, or even vegan. One of the principles of the yoga philosophy is that you don’t hurt others (including animals). However, adapting your food choices is never a requirement to start practicing yoga. On this website, you’ll find a lot of vegan recipes, because it happens to be that I’m vegan. I was already vegetarian long before I started practicing yoga.

Yoga is inspiring and can bring you a lot of joy. Choose a yoga style that you like, or try them all out to compare. You will find your way for sure. Move without competing with yourself and others. Also, you don’t have to be flexible to start yoga. It’s the practice itself that counts. It’s better to learn the postures correctly before you deepen your practice. As a rule of thumb, if you can still smile during the practice, you’re at the right level.

Always tell your yoga teacher if you have (chronic) pains or injuries. Exercises will be adjusted for you!

By practicing yoga, you will feel physically and mentally stronger. It cleanses your body and removes blockages, what makes your energy flow again. The benefits are endless, but here are a couple you can experience: Rest, peace, positive energy, excitement, and confidence. By practicing yoga, you learn to accept yourself. Yoga can also support you when you’re going through a difficult or stressful period in your life.

The holistic approach of working on your body and mind are complementary to each other, that’s why yoga and meditation fit so good together. You will be guided during the practice by breathing exercises, which you can implement as well in your daily life.

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Training & Workshops

It is possible to have a personalised training or workshop, adapted to your wishes. Please contact me by e-mail to explore the possibilities. If you never ask, you’d never know. Examples of specialised workshops: mindfulness, meditation, life coaching, how to start with yoga, personal training, yoga events, etc. Take a look at the business page for ideas.

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