The Benefits of Yoga

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By practicing yoga, you will feel physically and mentally stronger. Movement cleanses your body and can remove blockages, what makes your energy flow again. For me, my yoga practice is like moving meditation. Some days are better than others of course, but I always feel more positive and energetic afterwards.

The benefits are endless, and here are a couple you can experience: Rest, peace, positive energy, excitement, and confidence. But you can also release your emotions during or after the practice (like crying or feeling sad). No worries, this is all very normal. Part of practicing yoga is learning how to accept yourself. One of the things I find fascinating is the connection between the mind and body. There’s still so much to learn about this! Because of the introspection, yoga can also support you when you’re going through a rough period in your life. Yoga can be supportive by stress release, emotion regulation, and trauma healing. Keep in mind that the experiences are always personal, and I’m no doctor saying that you should or shouldn’t do something. Always tailor movements and activities to your personal needs and consult a doctor if you need to.

The holistic approach of working on your body, mind, and soul, are complementary to each other. Your whole being is more than a body, is more than the mind. It’s the connection that is within everything! For a long time, this scientific field was underdeveloped, but nowadays, more people discover the importance of the body/mind-connection. In fact, you have four bodies to take care of (physical, emotional, mental, energetic). Yoga pays attention to all of those.