Be The Girl Who Decided To Go For It ♥

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Looking to the left, I see one of the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Less than three months to go and this will all change. The only thing certain in life is change. The beginning of 2022 was a roller coaster. It is already May, and I did not even wrote down my new year’s resolutions. Because it all happened so fast. I pictured this year so so differently, but we will see how everything turns out. When I moved to Amsterdam, I got a new apartment and an awesome job. The view takes my breath away, every single day. I live in a great neighbourhood, close to work, exploring the city every week, and making new friends along the way. The apartment is expensive – duh! what do you expect from Amsterdam – but it is super exciting to live here.

Until my relationship ended, and I did not know what to do. It blew me off my feet and I could not process it, the world turned upside down and I lost all gravity. From one moment to the other, I lost myself. Lost my appetite, lost my motivation to work, lost the energy to even wake up, lost some friends, but mainly I lost my best friend and partner in live. For the ones that have ever experienced this, you know it is heart breaking. And the process of healing and accepting takes a long time. It has been months ago, and to be honest, I am doing quite well. Slowly and with ups and downs I am getting my sparkle back. I am falling in love again, but this time, with life itself.

Sometimes it takes certain things falling apart
For better things to fall into place

So a lot of things changed. I refer to this period in life as ‘my new phase’, because it sounds more positive. But whatever you call it, I really feel new positive energy flowing and I am figuring out my new life. Or at least I am trying to, because there is a lot to figure out in a lifetime. One of the things I am grateful for, is that I made the decision to move to Amsterdam. This city really has a cool vibe, lots of internationals, open and free spirit, cool bars and places to go. Oh and I loveee the vintage shopping! I find it fantastic here. But one thing I love particularly, are all the international people here. When you meet them and talk to them, they often tell such great life stories. About where they grew up, the experience of living in a different country, why they moved to Amsterdam, and how they are managing their life here. Of course we talk about ‘stroopwafel’ and other typical Dutch thingies like foods and habits, but I am super interested in the part of living abroad. Tell me more!!

My first real chance to live abroad was during my studies nearly two years ago. I arranged all my elective courses in Pisa, Italy. Everything was arranged and accepted by the examination board. Only the tickets and a place to stay, the rest was all set. Unfortunately, covid hit us hard, and there was no possibility to go anymore. It was the beginning of a long and uncertain pandemic, during the time that I lived in Belgium. (Yes, I lived there, but for me this does not count as ‘really living abroad’ because it is soo similar and close to where I came from.) So now that the world is getting back on her feet and we are able to travel again, the feeling of wanting to go out and experiencing life again is greater than ever.

Yes, I really want to travel, and to experience freedom and have a change of environment. I wanna eat different foods, do other activities, meet people every day and make new connections. All the people around me inspire me somehow, their stories are so great and I admire their courage. If you are waiting for the right time to come, you can wait forever, because you will never have all your ducks lined up in a row. There is always something that holds you back. But after everything that happened the last couple of years and months, I decided it was my time to choose for adventure. To really choose for a big change in my life, not to react on it, but to adapt to it. So I decided to go for it…