Counting Down Is The Fun Part

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So I quit my job and will leave Amsterdam for a while. Yesterday I sold my bed, so I am sleeping on an inflatable bed for a week. The day before that, the tv was sold. The apartment is getting empty now. It feels good, but it looks a bit sad to live in an almost empty house. The countdown now really has begun, only a couple of days to go. No big furnitures left and the rest of my stuff fits literally into 10 boxes. It is like burning bridges, but then in a positive way. Because I know I can always come back to this city if I want to. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of old stuff. Things and objects that do not serve you anymore, just let it go. We have too much material stuff anyway. It feels refreshing to declutter, it feels literally like a new beginning. And as Marie Kondo says: only keep the things you really love and thank the objects that served you in the past. Keep the rest that sparks joy to you.

Looking up from the laptop, I see a couple of my colleagues working. The most amazing fun team I have ever had in my working life up until now. Such an amazing group of talented and warm loving people, I am really going to miss them. The office that we decorated together, I am leaving it behind. New colleagues will come and the work will continue, no doubt about that. It was a fun period, but time for me to leave. Quitting my permanent contract was scary, but leaving behind the 9 to 5 job feels sooo liberating. It is like you press the pause-button in life to figure out what you want to do next, before you get sucked up into your next job forgetting about your dreams. What are your dreams anyway? Most people do not even know, or they do know but are too scared to chase them.

I am 30, single, no kids, no job and no house. Not the typical girl that fits into society these days…

I took the liberty to take some time off and dedicate this to myself. It is the best present to give to yourself. Time to explore the world and to grow and develop, how wonderful is that. An opportunity that perhaps will never come back, so I will take this chance now that I can. My first trip will bring me to Indonesia. There I will stay for at least 2 months. Perhaps it would be cool to find a job there. Always dreamt of living abroad for a while. For the ones that know me, they know I really love yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Bali is the perfect setting for this. So I start this adventure with 4 weeks of intensive yoga training to become a yoga teacher. Yes, this is really one of my dreams, to become a certified and inspirational yoga teacher! (and to put your sports pants on every day is a big plus) After completing the 200h first course, it was clear that this is the path I want to follow. I want to learn more about yoga, philosophy, history, and immerse myself into this lifestyle. So I will continue the next 300h course on Bali. The countdown for this yoga adventure has just begun. I am leaving behind the past and will continue a new chapter in my life. Only one week to go before I step into the plane.

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Counting Down Is The Fun Part