European Medieval Art

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Sightseeing has a negative vibe. Only for bloody tourists who do not pay attention to real beauty. I don’t agree. Because as a tourist, you can explore both the unknown areas, as well as the popular mainstream locations. Do it always in a friendly way, pay attention to other people, don’t litter and take nothing but memories. If you pay attention, you have inspiration all around you. Just open your eyes.

For me inspiration comes from a lot of things. Buildings, for instance, can be very interesting. Especially old buildings. The reason that I like old buildings, is because of its history and the stories that come with it. A lot of people have seen the same building, stood exactly where I was and maybe looked in the same direction. Did they have the same thoughts and how did the environment look like back in the days?

Urban exploring is also interesting. It’s a way of exploring territories and buildings, but then more secretly. You leave nothing but memories, and some pictures. These places are not for public view but are restricted for several ways. For instance, the area is abandoned for a long time, the building is not safe to enter or it’s a private location. Exactly these things make urban exploring exciting. You get a rush from doing things that are not allowed. I think that is how the human brain works.

A couple of years ago, I travelled to Italy. That trip I went to Pisa and Florance. I mostly remembered the litres of ice cream and the cool streets I walked through. At these places, I noticed that the atmosphere and stores were very modern, but somehow I got the feeling that the people living here are also very old-fashioned. Inspiration from people and places comes in many forms. It’s not only by what you see but also by what you feel. Having an experience means using all senses.

Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, Italy

European Medieval Art