Making decisions

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Do you know what makes you happy? What choices have you made, in your career, love life, and friendships? Sometimes your life is at a crossing point, and you need to decide what way you wanna go. It can be difficult to make a choice, because often this implies that you say ‘yes’ to something, and ‘no’ to something else. Or you can postpone your choices, but insecurity and instability isn’t good for you either way. It takes courage to go full in, and to feel happy with what you decided. But sometimes, making choices is the right thing to do. And you feel it when it’s time to move on to the next chapter.

Everyday gives you new opportunities. The choices we make result in real impact in our lives. However, decision making isn’t easy. Your intuition and weighted decisions are the advocates that steer you in a certain direction. But what if you don’t know what you want to do? Here are some guidelines that can help you in decision making.

Ask yourself, what do you love?

Pay attention to yourself and schedule regular me-time. This way, you can explore your own hobbies and find out what you really would like to do. Create a room or small place where you allow yourself to be creative. Hang inspirational quotes or photos on your wall that remind you of the goals you want to achieve. Nurture your creativity. You don’t have to be great at what you do to be creative. Certainly don’t compare yourself with others, just do what makes you feel good.

Start writing and keep a gratitude journal. By converting your thoughts and emotions into words on paper, you make it more real. It appears to be a good motivator when you translate your thought into words. When you feel more confident, talk with others about your wishes or dilemma’s. Rarely they will solve the problems for you, but surely you feel more supported and relieved when sharing your thoughts.

The more options we have, the more difficult or confusing the choices can be. Try to narrow down the availability of choices. It makes sense to analyse the outcomes and consequences. Balance the pro’s and con’s and see what’s left. Ask yourself the why-questions, and repeat this process several times. Why do you choose this (or not), and find out the underlying reasons.

Talk to people you know, and to people you don’t know. Often, our friends and family have similar norms and values as ours. It can be helpful to talk with them about big decisions and hear their opinion. However, their opinions can look like ours. If you talk with people who have a different perspective than yours, they can bring up reasons or information that you haven’t thought of it before. This can give you a deeper sense of understanding, what might bring you new insights.

And lastly, don’t let the past determine your choices for the future. Treat every opportunity as a new and unique situation.