Imagine where you would be next year, if you start now

The process of learning intrigues me. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. I love learning new things in all areas of life. Life itself is an adventure to unfold and to explore. I believe that every period of life directs you to something new. Something meant to be. It comes and goes, like ocean waves, changing the status quo. And it’s okay for it to change and to adapt. Attach and release I guess, or go with the flow.

Does everything happen for a reason? I tend to believe, although sometimes it can be hard. Days go by as you grow older, and you learn about yourself, discovering your place in this universe. Some moments I keep myself occupied with yoga, fitness, or some other kind of sport. Other moments I can’t move at all. Then I’m more in my head, thinking about the past or the future. Watching the clouds come by. Some days I’m focused on my health, eating my vitamins in the morning, and cooking a delicious vegan meal in the evening. Other days I don’t feel like that at all and drop the daily things that I enjoy the most. Perhaps it’s about finding a healthy balance in your life. One thing isn’t always better than the other. For me, it’s always a road to explore, as your perspective changes along the way. So try to feel what you need at this moment.

One thing I can’t get enough from is learning. Currently, I’m learning to feel. And this sounds easier than it is. Who are you and what do you bring to the table? Are you happy with yourself, and who do you want to become? What do you want people to know about you, or what do you want to know about others? Can we all teach each other things? I’m trying to listen to what my body needs. How my mind can steer my emotions and decisions, or is it the other way around? Since I discovered yoga, I noticed it supports me in daily life. As a steady base, always there when I need it. Sometimes more visible in my life, but always in my mind. Learning about my past directs me into my future. And slowly, it shapes the person I’m becoming. My passions, my hopes, my dreams, my all. I hope that the information you find here, can direct you to your best self. I’m not the one who knows it all, but I’m learning what works for me. And perhaps it also works for you. It could just be the stepping stone that you need. Have a look at the specializations mentioned and try to feel what you need. Open up yourself to learn something new, and see where it takes you. If you got questions, you can always reach out to me.