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Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before

New Year’s Eve, a special but strange moment to overthink what happened last year. Today, it’s the 1st of January, 2019. Last night I was celebrating the end of 2018 and drunk white wine while having dinner with a friend. She has a wooden world map in her living room, pretty cool to see. We talked about the flags she pinned onto it. Unfortunately, she didn’t pin flags in Europe, because then one place on the map would be too crowded. Only the flags she was proud of were allowed to be there. Two countries I really want to visit sometimes, are Australia and Indonesia. Particular Indonesia, because I grew up with my dads family, who is Indonesian. I think that the country is beautiful to see. As a matter of fact, I bought already a Lonely Planet from it! But I don’t have it anymore, because my ex-boyfriend kept it after travelling to Bali. Note to my self, don’t buy stuff you don’t actually use. Also one of my good intentions for the coming year. Try to stick to it longer than one month.

Another good intention, like I say every year, is to travel more often. Well, it doesn’t mean that the quantity is important, but it’s important to get out of your comfort zone. To travel to countries you haven’t seen before and meet awesome people that will enrich your life. That for me are the bullet points of travelling. Of course, sightseeing keeps me busy, and eating, swimming in the sea, going out, see some musea, and did I already mentioned eating? Since two years I explored surfing. That awesome sport I don’t want to live without anymore, how could I ever not surf! Mainly because I live in The Netherlands, where surfing exists but is not one of the hottest sports here. If you ever see the Dutch sea, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dutch sea. But you know the difference between a good meal (pizza) and a five-star meal (Boracay sea). The Philippino country was the second one I visited in Asia. The best memories of my first backpacking to Thailand is a whole other story. That one I’ll keep for later.

Boracay has one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. When people or magazines talk about the Philippines, I’m always curious about what they have to say. Two years ago, I wanted to travel back to Asia. First time there was such a good experience, that I was sold immediately. My roots are Asian, and I like to explore this continent further. Back in the times, I met a Dutch guy who was also interested in Asia. Because he and I spend some time together, you tell each other your dreams, wishes and adventures you want to explore. When we talked about travelling, we talked about Asia. He was so enthusiastic about the Philippines, that I had to find out myself what’s so great about this country. The funny part was when it came down to the decision, he chickened out. I read a lot of information about this country, bought a Lonely Planet and was all set up and ready to buy my flight tickets. The last week before the trip he said that he couldn’t come along because of work. Well, first I was disappointed because we would travel together. But after some thinking, it was definitely his loss! Backpacking alone is a great thing to do and I would recommend it to everybody who likes a few surprises and feels safe enough to know that everything will be fine. So it didn’t stop me from going and having a great time.

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My time in the Philippines was amazing. The people are very welcoming like most Asian people are. The food was good, tried some traditional soups and eggs, and ate a lot of veggies. Surprisingly, I travelled very fast. Seeing a lot of places has its positive sides, but travelling too fast is not what I would prefer again. Island hopping by plane is easy to do. So that’s what I did.  Coolest plane ride ever was with Air Juan. This little private plane took me to unknown destinations with beautiful sights. Arriving by boat to Boracay, with a lot of other tourists, we set foot at Exit 2. Three main area’s there divide the island to different parts. As I stated before, this bar really earned its name. Clubbing and partying were my main activities on this island. Dancing in the moonlight, drinking on the beach, walking in the sand. For me, this is also part of a vacation. But, as a lot of people know, I can’t sit still all day. So I decided to work in this bar for a couple of days. Just helping out making shots, getting beers and meeting new people. Whatever I do on vacation, in which mood I am, depends on a lot of different things. Do I want to relax, look for musea and art, hike through the mountains or party on the beach? All these things I like, so I can’t make a choice which I prefer. Just go with it and see what every day brings you. One thing what will stay the same for me is the rush and the excitement I feel while travelling. Wherever I go, I want to see new cultures, try some food I’ve never tried before and just see what people are doing. This brings me back to the thoughts of yesterday. Try to travel as often as you can. It enriches your life and makes you accept different views and standards of people. Also, only travel if you like it, how you like it. No need to compare exotic names of countries, just to cross them of your list. In my point of view, every country has up-and downsides. It is only your imagination who can see the beauty in it.

Giving Shots in Boracay
Exit Bar, Boracay, Philippines

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