Become a yogi

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How does one become a yogi?

By practicing yoga often, and integrate the practice of yoga into your daily life. The yogic lifestyle is an attitude you have. There are no set rules for example that you have to practice yoga at least three times a week and you have to meditate. Rather, think of the yogic lifestyle as a guidance in your life, regardless the type of believe that you have.

Many are inspired greatly by the wise words described in “The Yamas & Niyamas”, by Deborah Adele. Think of the following guidelines of what it means to you and how to fit it into your daily life. Here are my interpretations of some ethical guidelines.

Live together without causing harm to yourself and others

Nonviolence is the foundation of the yogic lifestyle, do not harm yourself and others. Be truth to yourself and immerse yourself in self-study. You are able to shape your own life. Trust life itself, and engage in every moment. Live consciousness, pay attention to the details, and you will see that also the small routines are special at their own.

Do not steal, we have a tendency to keep stuff for ourselves, even when it’s not rightfully ours. Leave excesses behind and be grateful for what you have. Live with the idea of having and being enough. Yes, you are enough!

Free yourself from greed, which includes people and material objects. We do not own others, and we cannot control them. Try to live in harmony together. Treat others like how you want to be treated. Strive to truthfulness, compassion, and patients towards others.

Yoga is about realising inner peace, health, and happiness. Practice and commitment are key.

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Become a yogi